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Birds are one of our specialties! We understand that it's tough to find a veterinarian that is familiar with Avian Medicine and we're here to fullfill that need. You will find us listed with the Association of Avian Veterinarians...more

Dr. Lynn Holladay, DVM

All Creatures Animal Hospital (ACAH) is a full service veterinary facility located in Naples, FL. We care for both domestic and exotic species of animals. Our veterinary services include medical treatment, senior care and well care. Other services we provide include boarding, in house laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, surgery, and dentistry.  We also provide emergency services.... more 


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This Sugar Glider is one of our most recent patients
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We care for exotic species like our friend above along with many others.
  • Reptiles (frilled dragons, cameleons and more...)
  • Small Mammals (sugar gliders, hedgehogs, degus, chinchilas and more…) more

All Creatures Animal Hospital is active with many rescue groups.

If you are thinking of buying a new pet consider looking into adopting before going to a pet shop or breeder... more

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